An eco-sustainable product
for transparent conglomerates.
Natural colours that blend in
with their surroundings.

EVIzero synthetic binder: an alternative to asphalt concrete paving

The need to build road surfaces which blend in as much as possible with their surroundings has led the market to seek out alternatives to asphalt paving, coming up with new eco-sustainable products, such as clear synthetic binders

Conventional surfaces in asphalt concrete, with its characteristic black colour have a strong visual impact on their surroundings, often creating an eyesore in areas of particular natural or historical value.

Using EVIzero to produce transparent conglomerates, on the other hand, reduces environmental impact as the colour of the surface depends on the colour of the stone aggregates used. This means these materials can be used as a valid alternative to asphalt concrete, flagstones or stone paving which are normally laid in urban areas of great value or in the countryside.

In some old town centres or at the entrance to parks or historical villas for instance, a dark coloured surface may not blend in with the setting which could benefit from more aesthetically pleasing colours.

Studies conducted by universities and test centres accredited by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport have certified the great potential of the synthetic transparent EVIzero binder in transparent conglomerate mixtures.

The transparent conglomerate has greater rigidity and less decline in performance when temperature is increased, therefore guaranteeing greater thermal stability compared to a traditional bituminous conglomerate.

The transparent conglomerate has good resistance to permanent deformation even at high temperatures compared to conventional asphalt concrete.

Finally, tests showed that mixtures prepared with the transparent EVIzero binder are suitable for use in areas with low volumes of traffic and that they do not suffer significantly from the action of water.

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