Easily transportable,
polymer materials only.
With low environmental impact
and competitive costs.

EVIzero. Intelligent polymer binder: new road surface technology

EVIzero is a new road surface technology.

The real innovation of EVIzero is that it uses polymer materials instead of decoloured products, derived from bitumen.

And since it comes in solid form, this new polymer binder is easy to transport and store at ambient temperature, without wasting energy on keeping it liquid and heated, as happens with bituminous products for instance.

Thanks to the EVIzero binder, you can build roads in important urban settings without impacting negatively on the environment and costs. Quite the opposite – it increases their value.

EVIzero can also be used in rural settings where we often find dirt roads: vegetation along the side of these roads dies within a short space of time due to the dust produced when vehicles drive by.

Our colourless EVIzero binder does not spoil the environment as it happens with a “black” road, but it enhances the surrounding landscape.

There is no dust (during hot dry periods) or mud (in rainy weather).

The cost of the binder is highly competitive compared to other clear binders, making it a more widely used and economical option for local authorities or private individuals keen on preserving the distinctive and natural characteristics of places of great value.

Parking: Villa Romana del Casale – Armerina square – Enna
UNESCO World Heritage

Cycle path Parco del Pollino – Cosenza
UNESCO World Heritage

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Nova Gorica – SLO

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Bibione VE

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Punta Grò – Sirmione del Garda – Brescia

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Parco dell’Adda – Vaprio d’Adda MI

Pedestrian/cycle lane – University of Bologna / Campus Universitario – Forlì

Squares and parking areas – School “Istituto Sociale” – Torino

Pedestrian/cycle lane – University of Arezzo – Arezzo

Driveway to school in Monteveglio – Bologna

Pietro Mennea Park – Ruvo di Puglia – BA

Aspropyrgos Park – Athens (Greece)

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Trino Vercellese – VC

Pedestrian/cycle lane – Lodi

Cycle path Corbetta – Milan

Cycle path Morgano – Treviso

Pedestrian/cycle lane “Faenza – Borgo Tuliero” – Faenza RA

“Portella” road – Esanatoglia MC
The town to the circuit of the most beautiful villages of Italy

Pedestrian crossing – S. Cristina Val Gardena – Bolzano

Access road to the Prince’s Palace – San Nicola Arcella CS

Footpaths in the park in Lillaz – Aosta

Paths in hospital grounds (USL9) in Parco del Sile – Treviso

Private villa in Tuscolano

Gardone Riviera road – Gardone Riviera BS

“Colle Letelle – Treo” road – Campoli Appennino FR

Tourist path of S. Leone – Rometta – Messina

Roundabout Subway Lingotto – Turin

Parco della Resistenza – public garden – Forlì

Parco dei Bambini – public garden – Novara

“Old Flaminia” road – Massa Martana – Perugia

Footpaths in the Santa Giulia district – Milan

Parco della Resistenza – public garden – San Lazzaro di Savena – Bologna

“Le Castagnole” path adjacent to the park of “Le Cinque Terre” – Deiva Marina – Genova

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