A granular, single-component
product that is easy to use.
And store,
even for long periods of time.

EVIzero. An innovative road surface binder.

EVIzero is a low visual impact binder used in conglomerates for road surfaces in urban and rural settings, made up of a polyolefin mixture.

EVIzero is the ideal product for surfaces in particular locations such as cycle/footpaths, parks, villas and private residences, rural redevelopment areas, squares and parking areas and old town centres. It can also be used more generally whenever the technical features of the paving products must blend in with their surroundings, preventing a negative impact on the environment.

EVIzero is intended for the road surface sector; its technical features meet the standard requirements of this sector.

  • EVlzero is sold in solid form (chips) and can be stored for long periods of time; no particular precautions are needed during transportation or indoor storage.
  • The product is sold in PE bags which can be introduced into the production process without even having to be opened.


A road surface conglomerate is a special mixture which is obtained by combining a binder with different inert materials, normally stone chippings and sand.

Bitumen is commonly used as a binder, giving roads that classic black colour which is familiar to everyone.

EVIzero, on the other hand, is a colourless binder!
The conglomerate takes on the colour of the stone chippings, so the surface blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.

EVIzero is the perfect solution when black asphalt concrete cannot be used due to conservation orders or environmental constraints.

EVIzero meets the aesthetical requirements of locations of great value, offering a wide range of colours to choose from.

Characteristics of the binder.

Technical data sheet

Technical features Typical values Standard applied
Dynamic viscosity at 160°C > 700 mPa*s UNI EN 13702
Penetration at 25°C 25 – 55 dmm UNI EN 1426
Softening point > 75 °C UNI EN 1427
Flash point > 170 °C DIN 51755
ASTM D92,D93
Density at 25°C 850 kg/m3 EN ISO 3838
Storing and mixing temperatures
Storing temperature Ambient temperature
Mixing temperature 160 – 170 °C
Product presentation
Colour Transparent
Shape Chips: 10 x 10 x 3 mm approx.
Packaging 15 kg PE bags

The above data indicate average production values. Their purpose is to give general indications and they do not constitute a guarantee of certain specific properties of the product illustrated.

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