It enhances
areas of value
and complies
with statutory constraints.

Paving for Archaeological Parks and Sites and Protected Areas.

EVIzero is the ideal solution for high quality paving in locations where conventional asphalts and asphalt concrete are not permitted due to landscaping, historical or archaeological constraints.
It can be laid in areas of outstanding historical importance, archaeological parks and sites, and areas with cultural heritage constraints.

Thanks to the EVIzero ecological binder, it is now possible to build roads, car parks, paths, walkways and pavements that are landscape-friendly and comply with statutory constraints.

EVIzero paving gives extra value to its surroundings as it blends in perfectly, making the location more attractive for tourists.

It also reduces heat in the summer, thanks to its reflective properties, and generates savings, as less electricity is needed to light the area at night.

Some of our projects.

Parking: Villa Romana del Casale – Armerina square  – Enna
UNESCO World Heritage

Parking: Villa Romana del Casale – Armerina square  – Enna
UNESCO World Heritage

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