11 good reasons
to choose EVIzero.
An ecological, aesthetical
and economical product.

EVIzero. Even its benefits are transparent.


  • Preserves the charm of rural, residential and historical settings because being a transparent binder, it preserves (accentuates) the colours of the gravel (stone aggregates) used.
  • Wide choice of colours so the surface will blend in with any environment.
  • Unlike other light coloured products, it does not become dull, maintaining its appearance for longer.
  • The surface reflects the sun’s rays, reducing its temperature (making the area less hot).
  • It has greater resistance to permanent deformation than traditional surfaces.


  • The landscape looks more natural with EVIzero and the aggregates used
    are sourced locally.
  • It does not contain bitumen. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT.
  • Surfaces are of the highest quality, and it can be used where black bitumen
    is not permitted.

Other environmental benefits:

  • Lower consumption of non renewable energy sources.
  • Reduction in polluting substances.
  • Reduction in waste produced.
  • Use of renewable energy sources.
  • Use of local resources.
  • Better use of existing infrastructures.
  • Less use of transportation and logistics.

easy and practical

  • EVIzero is a granular, single-component product (unlike other products), which means it is practical and easy to use.
  • EVlzero is sold in solid form (chips) and can be stored indoors for long periods of time; no particular precautions are needed during transportation or storage.
  • The product is sold in PE bags which can be introduced into the production process without even having to be opened.
  • Only the part of the conglomerate production plant which processes the solids (mixer and discharge) need cleaning, which is quick and practical.
  • No new equipment is needed to prepare and apply the product and workers require no special training.
  • Can be applied using either an asphalt paver or by hand.
  • Excellent workability even at lower temperatures compared to competitors’ products.


  • Thanks to the simple production process, EVIzero is considerably better value for money if compared to other transparent products.
  • It is not a bicomponent product and this means savings during preparation.
  • The cost of EVlzero is the lowest in its category. The only other cheaper solution is traditional asphalt painting. This however has a shorter life and is aesthetically less reliable and pleasing.

safe for workers

  • There are fewer risks to workers’ health when preparing and applying this product than with bitumen.

safe for users

  • Offers enhanced comfort, grip and safety for users and guarantees suitable performance, with values which are comparable or superior to those of a traditional asphalt concrete.
  • At night the paved surface is lighter.


  • Greater thermal stability than a traditional asphalt concrete.
  • Good resistance to permanent deformation even at high temperatures.

adds value

  • Enhances landscapes and the appearance of historical locations, making them more attractive for tourists.
  • Potential increase in the value of the property.

adding colour

  • Pigments can be added to the product for special applications.
  • Colours are accentuated by the transparency of the EVIzero binder.

made in Italy

  • EVIzero is the result of the aesthetic culture of a country which boasts over 70% of the world’s cultural treasures.
  • EVIzero is the result of respect for the aesthetic of the country which has given us Michelangelo, Giotto and Leonardo.

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