Studies and experimental
with a University and Applied
Research Laboratories.

EVIzero. The academic world approves.

EVIzero product characterisation in conjunction with the Università Politecnica delle Marche and test centres accredited by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The studies conducted have given the following results which are summarised below:

  • Satisfying values in terms of rigidity and deformability.
  • Less susceptible to heat and water than traditional bitumen.
  • Less thermal dependence than traditional bitumen.
  • As regards Marshall rigidity, EVIzero guarantees suitable performance, and in some cases superior performance to traditional conglomerates.
  • Workability is comparable with the standard value.
  • Suitable for applications in areas with a low volume of vehicular traffic.


Compliance with the set rigidity limits shows that the conglomerates studied, while having stability values which are only marginally below the limits, demonstrated deformation at break (rolling) which was suitable for the stability supplied.
The materials studied therefore provide satisfying performances in terms of deformability of the material, and are therefore suitable for use in areas with a low volume of vehicular traffic.

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