Eco-friendly asphalt with EVIzero synthetic binder.

EVIzero is an innovative ecological synthetic binder which can be used to produce eco-friendly asphalt that can either be clear or coloured with pigments.

It is environmentally friendly as it does not contain bitumen, but a polyolefin mixture developed with innovative technology to produce non bituminous mixtures and clear ecological asphalt.

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The real innovation of EVIzero is that it uses polymer materials instead of decoloured products derived from bitumen.

It is therefore environmentally friendly and has a low environmental impact: wearing surfaces produced with EVIzero blend in perfectly with the natural colours of their surroundings.

It preserves the charm of rural, residential and historical settings.

Being a clear binder, it maintains and actually accentuates the colours of the stone chippings and gravel (stone aggregates) used.

EVIzero is ideal for road surfaces in old town centres, parks, squares and service areas, private residences, rural and parking areas.

This innovative produce delivers surfaces of the highest quality and can be used when black bitumen is not permitted due to conservation orders and environmental constraints, such as in areas of particular natural or historical value.
In special applications which call for particular colours as well as a clear, eco-friendly asphalt (cycle/footpaths), pigments can easily be added to EVIzero to obtain the desired colours.

Further environmental and aesthetic benefits:

  • It does not become dull, unlike other light coloured products (maintaining its appearance for longer).
  • Less waste, fewer polluting substances and lower energy consumption during the production process.
  • Better use of existing infrastructures.
  • Less use of transportation and logistics.
  • Fewer risks to workers’ health when preparing and applying the product.
  • The surface reflects the sun’s rays, reducing its temperature (less heat).
  • Greater thermal stability than a traditional asphalt concrete.
  • Lower temperature and moisture susceptibility than traditional bitumen.
  • Less temperature dependence than traditional bitumen.
  • The product is sold in PE bags which can be introduced into the production process without even having to be opened.
  • Easy to process, even at lower temperatures, compared to competitors’ products.

As far as price is concerned, EVIzero offers the best value for money in its category.
The only cheaper solution is traditional asphalt painting but it has a shorter life and is less aesthetically appealing.

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