EVIzero is an innovative
transparent binder
for surfaces that uses local,
light, natural colours.

EVIzero. Eco-friendly synthetic binder. No bitumen, just natural colours.


EVIzero is an innovative clear eco-friendly synthetic binder for conglomerates. It is the ideal product for wearing surfaces for roads (cycle/footpaths, parks, villas and private residences, rural redevelopment areas, squares and parking areas, old town centres) as it uses natural colours and has low visual impact.

EVIzero is an eco-friendly synthetic binder, a substitute for bitumen in wearing surfaces.

Its technical features meet the standard requirements of the sector.

EVIzero is clear.

The conglomerate obtained with EVIzero takes on the colour of the inert materials used, giving road surfaces a colour that is both natural, and blends in with its surroundings.

EVIzero (Environmental Visual Impact-zero) has been specially created for paved surfaces in urban and rural locations: old town centres, villas, cycle paths, parks and, more generally, whenever the technical features of the paving products must respect the surroundings to prevent negative visual and environmental impact.

EVIzero is the ideal solution when asphalt concrete cannot be used due to conservation orders or environmental constraints.

The ideal partner for designers and site managers.

  • And it is also easy to use because the conglomerate obtained with EVIzero is compatible with conventional production and laying technologies.

The ideal partner for Designers and Site Managers.

  • EVIzero is the result of a simple production process, which makes it considerably more economical than other types of light coloured binders.
  • EVIzero meets the aesthetical requirements of locations of great value, offering a wide range of colours to choose from.

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