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Coloured asphalt? Try EVIzero eco-friendly binder for road surfaces

Interested in Coloured Asphalt? EVIzero is an innovative neutral, ecological binder used to produce clear and coloured road surfaces.

It is produced with an innovative polyolefin mixture which uses polymer materials instead of bitumen, making EVIzero completely environmentally friendly.

As it is clear, pigments can easily be added to give the surface colour – red, green, white, blue, yellow or even more unusual shades. It is the perfect solution for producing coloured surfaces for cycle/footpaths, driveways and paths in villas and houses, footpaths in parks, parking areas and environments which call for a splash of colour.

Some of our projects.

Roundabout Subway Lingotto – Turin TO

Roundabout Subway Lingotto – Turin TO

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